Police Teeth Know How to Play Punk Rock, Write Song Titles

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Police Teeth, Police Teeth

Latest Flame, Oct. 16


If names of songs were all that mattered, Police Teeth's forthcoming self-titled album might be the year's best. But even if you can't appreciate titles like "My V-4 Weighs a Ton," "100 Proof Asshole," or "Where's My Fucking Hug?," the music's not bad, either. The guitar riffs are big and jagged without hampering the songs' energy, and the lyrics are incisively pissed-off (as they should be). After a couple listens, it all comes off as a bit one-note, but in a way that's acceptable: propulsive punk with hints of bands as disparate as Fugazi and Hüsker Dü.

Listen to single "Bellingham Media Blackout" after the jump or on the group's Bandcamp.

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