Mondays on Capitol Hill: "A Bunch of Sexy-Looking People All Wanting to Dance and Have A Good Time"

DJ Tigerbeat will be at Chop Suey tonight.
Eric Grandy went long in last week's issue talking about what a hot club night Mondays have turned out to be up on the Hill, particularly at Moe Bar, Barboza and Chop Suey.

"If you don't have to get up at the crack o' dawn, it's the place to be on Monday," says Neumos co-owner Steven Severin. "[There's] a bunch of sexy-looking people all wanting to dance and have a good time. We got a ton of ballplayers. Felix Hernandez was in there two nights before he threw his perfect game."

If you don't already have plans tonight, check in with Grandy's piece to get all the details -- and the gossip! -- about tonight on the Hill.

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