Macklemore Mania Sweeps Seattle

Chocolate hunk or white chocolate gingersnap?
Scouring the daily email pile this morn I found this image of ginger cutie Big Chocolate (a.k.a. Cameron Agron) in a press release introducing him as (and I quote here): "a Seattle-based music producer that is as incessantly prolific as he is multi-faceted, cranking out destructive electro beats, hyper aware video blogs and hotly sought-after remixes in equal measure, even as he tours as a live act with an energetic presence appealing to Electronic Dance Music devotees and Vans Warped Tour crowd-surfers alike."

"Incessantly prolific," "hyper aware videos," and "energetic presence;" aren't those synonyms for, oh, I don't know: fair-haired, baby-faced, hyper-earnest Macklemore??

Judge for yourself at the artist's website here, and let us know if we should add Big Chocolate to M's running list of lookalikes.

And between the Big Chocolate stage name, the "Red Headed LOCC" tag, and the red typeface, does anyone else feel like a Choco Taco?

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