If I Were In Charge: Why Doesn't Dancing With the Stars Tell Us What We're Listening To?!?!?

Pamela is partnered with Tristan MacManus, the world's sexiest Irishman who doesn't play a chauffeur on Downton Abbey.
Are you as excited as I am about the all-star season of Dancing With the Stars? The answer must be no, you COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE AS EXCITED AS I AM!!!

Even more than the dancing (largely good but not great--many of these past winners need to get their sea legs back), the high point of last night's Season 14 debut was the delicious sight of Pamela Sue Anderson not only shooting eye-daggers of contempt at a clueless Bristol Palin, but actually surreptitiously making the temple-circling "cuckoo" gesture under the pretext of playing with her hair. Which is why I cast six of my allotted 13 phone votes for her. Runner-up: Bruno Tonioli telling Bristol she looked "refurbished," a much more explicit allusion to her recent nose job than I thought even he would have dared make.

One change for the better: This high-pressure season offers the judges more scoring nuance simply by allowing, for the first time, increments of half a point. But what has long irritated me about the show is that the music danced to is never identified. How hard would it be to run a song title at the bottom of the screen as each dance starts, plus the artist and/or songwriter? There we are, millions of viewers who might like what we hear but not necessarily recognize it, ready to run to iTunes or Amazon and buy it. What is the point of not including this information?

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