16 Qualifying Characteristics of the 2012 Hipster, as Defined by One Bumbershoot Audience

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Pacifier is the new Pabst.
Bumbershoot's "Why This? Why That? Why Now?" series has been over capacity for the first two days, first with "Why Fair Tales? Why War on Women? Why Now?" and today with "Why Hipsters? Why Slacktivism? Why Now?" The panels have been surprisingly entertaining, the highlight being Hollis Wong-Wear, the series' smart, charming (wait, is it OK to say a woman is smart and charming, or is that too Mirror Mirror?) moderator/referee.

During today's discussion, they panel asked members of the audience to shout out what characterizes a person a hipster. What follows is their list. Did they miss anything?

Out of date facial hair


People who likse bass (what?)


Ironic t-shirts (Like what? "A deer!")

Taking pride in being smarter than you

Williamsburg, New ork



Glasses when you don't need them

No socks (really???)

Spacey people who like random shit

Skinny jeans

Knit hats

Trucker hats

Fixie bicycles

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