Who Wants to Win Two Tickets to See Morrissey at the Moore Theatre on November 8?

Last December, Morrissey told the Guardian that the chances of him releasing a new album are unlikely, stating, "I now no longer expect to live long enough to experience an offer to record for a grownup label." That fact isn't stopping the storied singer from hitting the road performing a mixed bag of solo material and Smiths hits.

Morrissey's tour will hit Seattle on Thursday, November 8 at the Moore Theatre (he'll be in Bellingham two days later at the Mount Baker Theatre). Tickets to the Moore show run from $62.50 to $82.50, but we're giving away a pair in advance today. You'll have to work for it, though.

To win, email me at ethompson@seattleweekly.com; tell me the Morrissey lyric that means the most to you and, in three sentences or less, why. The most eloquent entry will win two tickets. Entries must be in by tomorrow, August 9, at noon.

Good luck!

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