The Last Day to Pre-Order Kingdom Crumbs' Self-Titled Debut at a (Potentially) Discounted Price From Ziibra is Today

The Cloud Nice hip hop collective (Nacho Picasso, B.A.Y.B., Helladope, etc.) has yielded yet another promising group in Kingdom Crumbs. After releasing a few singles over the past few months, the quartet of MCs/producers (Mikey Nice, Jarv Dee, Jerm D, Tay Sean) have set an August 8th release date for their debut self-titled LP, and have decided to utilize the upstart music pre-sale platform Ziibra to pump their product. If you've forgotten, Ziibra is a local internet-based tool that allows fans to drive the price of an album down as the number of buyers increases during the week prior to its official release date. For KC, the pre-sale ends today, so if you want a chance at a cheap record, you have to get on board now (and tell some of your friends so they can help you tip the scales).

In the promo video for their previous Kickstarter campaign, the guys mentioned that the album would be released free (digitally) at some point during the summer, but the blurb on their website promises "special bonus merchandise" (UPDATE: the first thirty buyers will receive a hard copy in the mail) to the first few through the door, and regardless, you can feel good about supporting the grassroots efforts of an extremely talented gang of musicians. Preview some of their music below, then grab a copy of Kingdom Crumbs over on the Ziibra site.

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