Recommended: Zephyrs' Zesty New Full-Length Order of the Arrow

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Order of the Arrow

Debacle Records

Last month, local label Debacle Records released a full-length from the youthful Eastside duo of Pierce Adler and Cameron Case, mainstays at Cairo and the Redmond Firehouse (see their contribution to Old Firehouse's Head East compilation, entitled "Cairo Kids").

On Order of the Arrow, Zephyrs delivers ardent guitar rock tunes that play like short, heady huffs of air. Some of the songs make it to three or four minutes, but the zestiest ones, like the chanty first single "Oath and Law," blast in and out in just a minute or so.

The spacious "Astral Maps" is another highlight; it features Reverb favorites Whitney Ballen on backing vocals and Matt Lawson of Secret Colors on guitar.

Stream/purchase the entire record on Bandcamp.

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