Paul McCartney Gets Back in the Streaming Music Business. Full Solo Catalog Expected in September, Rhapsody Says

MJ Kim
Paul McCartney is back in the streaming music business after a high-profile defection in February. Ram, McCartney's 1971 solo album, was quietly added to Spotify at the end of May, and remains the former Beatle's only record on the streaming service. Several more albums -- including this year's Kisses on the Bottom, and 2007's Memory Almost Full -- are streaming on Seattle's Rhapsody. Rhapsody spokesperson Jaimee Minney says she expects McCartney's full solo catalog to be available next month.

"McCartney's catalog has historically performed very well on Rhapsody, and it's great to see him recognize the value that a premium music service can deliver to catalog artists in particular," Minney says. "We're happy to be able to bring his music back to our subscribers."

McCartney pulled his catalog from streaming services in February on the same day he released Kisses on the Bottom, in the highest-profile defection from the services yet. At the time, McCarney's label, Conord, said it wasn't done because McCartney was anti-streaming, but because there were inconsistencies across providers (some services had more than others, they weren't all organized optimally) and that his managers wanted to have a proper unveiling of the entire catalog to streaming customers.

"They want, more than anything, to make it an event," Phillip Bailey, Concord's director of digital and mobile sales, said at the time.

McCartney's spokesperson declined comment, and Concord has not responded for requests for comment.

Several acts -- from Led Zeppelin to AC/DC -- continue to hold their catalogs back from streaming services. None bigger, of course, than The Beatles.

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