Mos Def, Devotchka, and Todd Hamm's Newest Favs Kingdom Crumbs, Added to City Arts Fest

City Arts Fest's lineup keeps swelling. This week, the festival -- Oct. 17 to 20, various venues -- the festival added Mos Def, and a host of other acts -- including Hammy fav Kingdom Crumbs -- to the bill. You can shop for the festival wristband that works for you right over here. All the new additions are after the jump. That's it for now.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Mos Def with special guests The Physics, Larry Hawkins (formerly SK), Thaddeus David, and DJ Swervewon, Devotchka with the Seattle Rock Orchestra, Blind Pilot , Point Juncture, WA, Tom Eddy, The Soft Hills, Reign Wolf at the Laser Dome, SSION, Glitterbang, Nark, Fresh Espresso, Kingdom Crumbs, Key Nyata, The Good Sin, The Dusty 45s, and Vince Mira Band.

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