Just Like Vinyl Couple Heavy Grooves with Angular Riffs

Band: Just Like Vinyl

Release: Black Mass

Label: Superball Music

Release date: August 28th

Rising from the ashes of post-hardcore trio The Fall of Troy, the second album from Thomas Erak's Just Like Vinyl is more focused than their self-titled debut. The band spends more time on their heavier tendencies here, offering up angular riffs and a progressive hard rock sound a la System of a Down or Coheed and Cambria. The first single "Bitches Get Stitches" is a good representation of the record: slow, heavy grooves that morph into dueling guitar parts with a melodic vocal line over the top of the whole thing. Erak has managed to carve out a unique identify for this band while holding onto enough stylistic ground to take fans of The Fall of Troy with him. The band will play a record release show at the Crocodile on August 31st. Check out a song after the jump.

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