Last week we posted reviews and mp3s from every new Seattle release of the last month. A few of you asked that we break it


13 of the Best New Songs to Come Out of Seattle This Month

Last week we posted reviews and mp3s from every new Seattle release of the last month. A few of you asked that we break it down to just those we recommend. So, here it is: 13 of the Seattle releases that our writers and critics highly recommend you check out this month.

Fort UnionFort Union (out now, self-released, Self-dubbed "a refreshing departure from Seattle's 'guy with a guitar' music scene," this three-piece actually lives up to its own hype with hybrid pop-ambient-acoustic tunes that range from "No More Executions," an infectious pop anthem that's part Shins, part Stealers Wheel, to "Solstice Day Parade," which hits like a Fences track on acid. GE

Hounds of the Wild HuntEl Mago (out now, self-released, The dudes from the Whore Moans changed their name to issue this stylistically diverse debut filled with soul, surf, punk rock, and more, held together by the expressive vocals of singer/guitarist Jonathan Henningson. The album's beer-soaked, Westerbergian jam "Ragged All Week" is the haggard anthem of 2012. DL (Fri., Aug. 3, Columbia City Theater)

kid smpl.jpg
Kid SmplEscape Pod (out now, Hush Hush, Four tracks and one remix of floating, aqueous synth ambience, deep muffled beats, and echoing vocal textures, all more than a little reminiscent of Burial's radical reconfigurations of dubstep and R&B. EG

cahalenmorrisoneli west .jpg
Cahalen Morrison & Eli WestOur Lady of the Tall Trees (9/4, self-released, This fine bluegrass duo shrewdly avoids succumbing to the annoying brand of old-tyme minstrelsy that currently plagues many a Northwest folk act. The album sounds like Cat Stevens backed by Union Station. It'll make you want to kick off your shoes, roll up your jeans, and dance in a creek. MIKE SEELY (Wed., Aug. 29, Triple Door)

prism tats .jpg
Prism Tats, "Death or Fame" (out now, self-released, The clangorous first offering from ex-Koko and the Sweetmeats frontman Garett van der Spek's new project is deliciously minimal, composed of--and needing nothing more than--a series of metallic guitar riffs and van der Spek's keening, highly memorable vocals. ERIN K. THOMPSON

screens .jpg
Screens, "Maia" (out now, self-released, The second single released by this new, tough-to-categorize West Seattle band eases into a trippy bossa-nova suit but doesn't get carried away in the euphoric possibilities. Instead, it retains a shadowy element (due mainly to Allison Tulloss' deadpan semi-whisper) to preserve an interesting contrast. TH (Wed., Aug. 8, Nectar)

spaceneedles .jpg
SpaceneedlesOlive Towers (out now, self-released, This Seattle four-piece arrives with five howling, grooving rock songs in the raw, punk-bellowing tradition of Spencer Moody et al., and/but with some epic scope and serious (broken) heart. EG 

Stephanie, "Cell 44" (out now, Couple Skate, The first single from the swirl-rockers' forthcoming Erik Blood-produced One Glove LP churns with skittering drums, discordant guitars, and sudden tempo changes, but the discernible, danceable hooks break through the noise via keyboard melody and Wil Adams' operatic vocals. EKT (Sat., Oct. 20, Barboza)

Joshua Stephens & the Girls from IpanemaThe World Was Made for Men (out now, self-released, Upbeat acoustic-guitar melodies and ukelele accents work well with lyrics that claim that love conquers all, even if it hurts sometimes. Their lo-fi sound is rough around the edges and complemented by the singer's gravelly vocals. AT

USFUniversal (8/7, self-released, The title track is 10 minutes of pure, blissed-out sample-tone worship over a fluttering house beat; the whole EP is the sweetest, most accomplished electronic chill-out the local duo have made yet. EG 

what's up seattle mixtape .jpg
Various artistsWhat's Up Seattle mixtape (out now, What's Up Seattle, True to its name, a solid and diverse primer on what's happening in our city's fertile underground--from Dude York's fuzzed-up power pop to Haunted Horses' punk drones to Rose Windows' '70s vintage soft psych-rock, with a lot of loud indie and punk rock (and a little chillwave and witchhouse) happening in between. EG

wolf hotel .gif
Wolf HotelGood Bye (out now, Members Only, not available online): Packaged inside a 32-page hardback book bound, written, and illustrated by MC Barfly himself, this is hardly your ordinary EP. The former Saturday Knights lyricist's dark poetry is a sharp contrast to much of his former work, but fits right into project producer Graves' beats--alternately gloomy and contemplative, and always hard-hitting. TH

zephyrs .jpg
ZephyrsOrder of the Arrow (out now, Debacle Records, This youthful Eastside duo delivers ardent guitar-rock tunes that play like short, heady huffs of air. Some songs make it to three or four minutes, but the zestiest, like the chanty "Oath and Law," blast in and out in just a minute or so. EKT

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