Hounds of the Wild Hunt
Every month in Reverb Monthly -- SW's music magazine -- we review every new release that's coming out of (or


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Hounds of the Wild Hunt
Every month in Reverb Monthly -- SW's music magazine -- we review every new release that's coming out of (or was recently released) the Seattle music community. We've been working on different ways to best incorporate these online, and are going to try something new this month.

In this post, you'll find reviews, photos, upcoming shows, and at least one song from every new release. We broke this down into a separate page for each release so it's easy to share scan. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Click on the band name to view the review and hear a sample:

AAIIEE, The Bears Upstairs, Jordan Biggs, Black Nite Crash, Bloodshot Barrels, Blue Star Creeper, Crown Hill, Dave Matthews Band, Fast Arrow, The Flavr Blue, Foreign Friends, Fort Union, Good Co, Green Pajamas, Guns of Barisal, The Harmonica Pocket, Hounds of the Wild Hunt, Indijinis, JAR, Key Nyata, Kid Smpl, Tim "Too Slim" Langford, Locomotives, Long Distance Poison, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Zoe Muth, Nu Era, People Bomb, Paul Lynde Fan Club, Poor Moon, Prism Tats, Liz Rognes, Sailor Mouth, Screens (1), Screens (2), Spaceneedles, Stephanie, Joshua Stephens & the Girls from Ipanema, Suburban Vermin, Sweet Water, Thurston and Staga, USF, What's Up Seattle Mixtape, Virgin, The Walkabouts, Western Haunts, Western Medicine, Wolf Hotel, Zephyrs

Local Labels' Out-of-Town Bands

Abandoned Pools, Anchor & Braille, Fergus & Geronimo, The Helio Sequence, The Museum, Niki & The Dove, Nü Sensae

AAIIEESee You in Seattle (out now, self-released, facebook.com/aaiieetheband): Making a garage-rock concept album about the 1962 World's Fair is a lot like painting the Space Needle a garish shade of orange: a bad idea in theory, a worse one in practice. ANDREW GOSPE

the bears upstairs .jpg
The Bears UpstairsThe Bears Upstairs (out now, self-released, thebearsupstairs.com): Sometimes there's nothing better than a jumping frog named Stan or a whimsical ballad about a "Caterpillar in a Cocoon." Safe for the family, this EP is fun, jolly, and great for children. JOE WILLIAMS 

jordan biggs.jpg
Jordan BiggsBrooklyn (out now, self-released, reverbnation.com/jordanbiggs): Singer/songwriter Biggs pens safe adult-contemporary tunes that, combined with a flaccid backing band, could be Matchbox 20 B-sides circa '96. AG (Sat., Aug. 4, Neumos)

Black Nite CrashDrawn Out Days (out now, Neon Sigh, blacknitecrash.com): Equal parts '90s alt-rock and contemporary indie rock (is there even a difference anymore?) a la The Big Pink. These guys pull it off with charm. Chris Kornelis (Fri., Aug. 11, Sunset Tavern)

Bloodshot BarrelsBloodshot Barrels (out now, self-released, bloodshotbarrels.com): With songs like opener "Acid Tongue Generator" and lyrics (on "Death Head") like "Licking into thinking/And the licking leads to thinking twice," these tunes are thrashed-up, death-soaked gold. With lightning-powered time changes and John Powers' made-for-metal vocals, the musicality rocks hard in a Rob Zombie/Pantera kind of way. GWENDOLYN ELLIOTT (Sat., Aug. 25, Studio Seven)

blue star creeper.jpg
Blue Star CreeperClimbing Down From the Moon (out now, Hammer and Anvil, facebook.com/BlueStarCreeper): This band's first full-length album feels more mellow than explosive, but lead guitarist Kelly Blanchard busts out some pretty epic guitar solos. Songs about the mysteries of the universe ("Clues") fit the group's psychedelic-rock sound, while an electric cello adds an element of folk. SARAH ELSON (Sun., Aug. 5, The Upstairs) 

crown hill.jpg
Crown HillCrown Hill (out now, self-released, 

facebook.com/crownhillband): This folk-rock album has a urban feel, with electric guitars and country rhythms. Pop-inspired vocals and catchy melodies make it enjoyable yet slightly forgettable easy listening. ALLISON THOMASSEAU (Thurs., Aug. 16, Columbia City Theater)

Dave Matthews Band, "Mercy" (out now, RCA, davematthewsband.com): The Wallingford songwriter spikes the first single from his forthcoming album, Away From the World, with witless platitudes sure to inspire Facebook natives for four minutes and 35 seconds. CK (Aug. 31-Sept. 2, The Gorge)

Fast ArrowAlibi (out now, self-released, fastarrow.bandcamp.com): Having met in an audio-engineering class, this synth-pop duo's production abilities are abundantly clear. The songwriting, however, lacks the hooks to keep up. AG (Fri., Aug. 10, Josephine)

foreign friends .jpg
Foreign FriendsMeasurements (out now, self-released, foreignfriends.bandcamp.com): This electronic group never quite comes into its own sound on its debut EP, but it knows how to dynamically synthesize its electro-pop influences, from New Order to M83. AG (Thurs., Aug. 23, Comet Tavern)

Fort UnionFort Union (out now, self-released, fortunion.bandcamp.com): Self-dubbed "a refreshing departure from Seattle's 'guy with a guitar' music scene," this three-piece actually lives up to its own hype with hybrid pop-ambient-acoustic tunes that range from "No More Executions," an infectious pop anthem that's part Shins, part Stealers Wheel, to "Solstice Day Parade," which hits like a Fences track on acid. GE

good co.jpg
Good CoElectro Swing for the Masses (8/3, self-released, soundcloud.com/goodcomusic): Good Co pairs classic swing sounds, such as saxophones and trumpets, with electronic beats pulsing in the background. It misses the mark and comes off as inconsistent instead of unique. AT

green pajamas .jpg
Green PajamasDeath by Misadventure (out now, GreenMonkeyRecords, thegreenpajamas.net): This LP is the psychedelic pop band's 30th release, a remarkable feat, and its brightest spots are the lusher arrangements which feature strings and horns. The album's closer, "Carrie," brings to mind the band's mid-'80s minor hit "Kim the Waitress," which was covered by both Material Issue and Sister Psychic. DAVE LAKE

Guns of BarisalWestinghoused (out now, self-released, gunsofbarisal.bandcamp.com): The whirlwind of electric guitars and percolating drums on this instrumental metal trio's first LP is similar to that of Swarming Hordes, another local metal band that forgoes lyrics and focuses on thrashing instrumentals instead. With quick time changes and wailing guitars, this group rocks hard enough to start a mosh pit at any show. SE

The Harmonica PocketApple Apple (8/14, Goldfish in Your Cocktail Music, harmonicapocket.com): These indie-acoustic children's songs have an international feel, mixing in harmonicas, reggae beats, and Spanish-inspired melodies. Adult ears will enjoy the happy-go-lucky vibe--if you can get over lyrics about counting apples and a superhero named Diaperman. AT (Thurs., Aug. 16, Queen Anne Farmers Market) 

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