Foreign Friends Show Off Their Synth-Pop Chops on the Measurements EP


Foreign Friends, Measurements EP

Self-released, July 10


"Work," which kicks off Foreign Friends' Measurements EP, features a saxophone solo three-fourths of the way through, bringing unavoidably to mind a certain M83 song. Admittedly, this is a very unfair comparison--the breakout single of a band who sells out the Paramount versus the leadoff track from a relatively new Seattle electronic group. But it's an apt one because of how the band incorporates a surprisingly diverse amount of synth-pop touchstones into its debut EP. Actually, that listless sax solo might be the album's low point. What follows--the steady new-wave stomp of "Wrong Moves," the MGMT-recalling "Losing Game"--is much stronger, bearing a resemblance to electro-pop from the '80s to the present day.

Listen to "Wrong Moves" after the jump, and head to the group's Bandcamp to stream the EP or download it for free.

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