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Back in December , local multi-genre producer and studio magician OC Notes posted an audio/video treat on the Internet entitled "Emerald City Sequence". It


Tonight's Recommended Activity: The Multi-Media, OC Notes-Orchestrated SIFF Happening "Emerald City Visions"

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Back in December, local multi-genre producer and studio magician OC Notes posted an audio/video treat on the Internet entitled "Emerald City Sequence". It was a visual remix of the 1978 The Wizard Of Oz spin The Wiz (which starred Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Richard Pryor), which was synched with Notes' original soundtrack. If you thought the project was awesome and creative, but kind of small and grainy in its computer screen habitat, today brings good news for you: Notes has been given the opportunity by the fine people at the Seattle International Film Festival (and organized by KEXP Street Sounds host/The Stranger rap rep El Mizell) to screen his creation (now called "Emerald City Visions") at The Triple Door tonight as part of the SIFF festivities. As an added bonus tonight, there will also be performance by Don't Talk To The Cops! and Notes' own duo Metal Chocolates.

I caught up with Notes (electronically) yesterday to get a little history on the project (below), and he divulged, among other things, that he will be "turning [him]self into the wiz" for tonight's show (emphasis added):

What inspired you to use this movie in particular?

The Story behind Emerald City Sequence goes like this: The idea for this project came around the time when i first met [THEESatisfaction's] stas, cat, & chocolate chuck, about the same time we recorded the hit song "icing" lol. They all told me that "The Wiz" was their favorite movie growin up and that they always wanted to remix the soundtrack and make a record out of it but they had never met a producer that could do it justice. They thought i was that guy so they asked me if i'd be interested in bein the dude. I love the wiz too so of course i was down. I had them send me the soundtrack and i got the movie and remixed the soundtrack over the next couple weeks. When they heard it they loved it and we we're going to begin the record makin process. We had a couple sessions in the lab, but then the next thing you know they were signed to sub pop and everything changed. They hit me up and told me that the time frame of dropping the project was realistically not going to happen anytime soon and that i should just dropped the project. I dont like doin regular shit and i try to be as creative and out the box as possible when it comes to my art so i thought a fresh way to drop the project would be to re-make the movie to vibe along to the soundtrack. A psychedelic OCnotes re-interpretation of the wiz that Quincy might think is fresh. So without theesatisfaction and chocolate chuck i wouldnt have even thought of doing this. Without my ladies gettin signed to sub pop this would have never happened. Serendipity indeed. My mom and older people really, really, have dug it so it makes me happy to know that ive been able to bridge some gaps. Everything happens for a reason, im grateful that i was able to be the channel for this project.

What equipment did you use with the audio/video?

Movie was edited on a computer, I recorded the music on a computer too. I used a host of instruments, guitar, bass, beat machines, etc.

What will the live performance consist of?

I am turning my self into the wiz. The stage will be my palace. Im bringing my instruments with me and im playing the soundtrack live. The wiz will be playing on a movie screen. Its going to be a truly unique performance.

This is one of those situations that reminds me how blessed i am and why I dig this city. Shout out to SIFF, Larry Mizell, THEEsatisfaction & Chocolate Chuck, Quincy Jones and my lil Bella. None of this would be happening without them and i am eternally grateful. Hallelujah hollaback!!!



"Emerald City Sequence" screens tonight at The Triple Door at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. with live performances by Don't Talk To The Cops! and Metal Chocolates

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