Seattle Media Darling Ashley Graham Has Packed Up and Should Be Somewhere Between Seattle and San Francisco's Fillmore Auditorium

I just put the last box of Ashley Graham's summer shoes into the back of a Penske truck (Budget effing sucks, BTW), and she and Mrs. Graham are now somewhere between the 206 and her new home in San Francisco. For the last 7 years, Graham has worked the local press beat over at LiveNation, arranging all things media-related for one of the region's biggest promoters. Notably, Graham has been at the tiller of the Sasquatch! press corps, which has grown to more than 250 cynics during her tenure (if you haven't read this "inside the press tent" report, do it now).

In addition to her duties at LiveNation, Graham also ran her own PR boutique, Wig PR, working working with local bands like The Blakes, Shim, and Team Gina. The twin gigs meant she was sending out a press release for Slayer one day, and a gig at the Comet the next, and workload that sparked the sadly short-lived Reverb feature "Ashley Graham Press Releases."

It is only fitting that Ashley Graham's new gig is at SF's Fillmore Auditorium, a venue made famous by none other than Bill Graham (no relation that we know of).

Good luck on the road, and at your new gig, Ashley!

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