How Being In a Band Helped Top Pot's Mark Klebeck Get His Donut Empire Off the Ground

Other interesting musical facts about Top Pot co-founder Mark Klebeck, according to Voracious' Julien Perry:

-- His first concert was Zeppelin at the Kingdome.

-- Before he got his first electric guitar, he got creative. "I used to take microphones and put them in a reel-to-reel tape-recorder and put them into the hollow body of an acoustic guitar and turn up the volume to where it was completely distorted and play. It was cool and it did the trick."

-- Being in a band helped him get his donut empire off the ground. "Most of the marketing strategy I use at Top Pot today stems from all the footwork and grassroots marketing I did for the band. I read this article one time that said, 'Make yourself seem bigger than you are' and put it out there because people don't know you. It's like even with Top Pot, I still think of it as a small company. We may have roots in Seattle and people may identify with it, but there are still a lot of people who don't know about it. I never let my guard down. I go out and do everything I can to continue marketing Top Pot and putting it out there, whether it's a book or television or articles. You've got to put yourself out there in front of people."

For more on Klebeck, check out Perry's entire post on Voracious.

Some of Klebeck's early material.

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