EDM Madness! Dance Madness! Mask Madness!

If you haven't already read it, Eric Grandy's got a great piece in this week's paper about the local manifestations of EDM MADNESS -- see Saturday's Paradiso and Skrillex's headlining set at Bumbershoot -- will affect the local scene, and long-running happenings like Decibel Fest. The takeaway from most of the locals he spoke with was one of cautious optimism.

"Some of the kids who see large festival performances are the ones who'll be future DJs, producers, and concertgoers," bass-music producer and Car Crash Set label head Ill Cosby says in the piece. "I'm absolutely a product of the last big breakthrough of electronic music into the mainstream during the late '90s--I saw The Crystal Method at a suburban hotel banquet room. I couldn't have had more of a mainstream introduction to electronic music than that."

Meanwhile ... I got my new copy of Rolling Stone in the mail yesterday, and see that the MADNESS has made the cover. There's a solid package inside going over the genre's stars -- musical and pharmaceutical -- and how close some of it gets to Mili Vanili territory.

Last note: Now that Deadmau5 has made the cover of Rolling Stone, do you think this is going to accelerated the MASKED BAND MADNESS, or be the end of the worst fad in rock and roll history?

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