Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper Sasquatch! Edition: Fatal Lucciauno Talks Tupac

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Your Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper is a semi-regular feature on Reverb, in which we track down some of [y]our favorite MCs/rap artists and ask them to blab about their personal favorites.

As the cornerstone artist of Seattle's own Sportn' Life Records, Fatal Lucciauno has had a busy year. He's released two major albums (one snuck in under the guise of an "E.P."), and managed a full concert calendar, including an opening slot for Young Jeezy back in March. If you've got a pass to Sasquatch! this weekend, you can catch Lucciauno on the Maine Stage at 2:15 on Saturday.

If you had to pick one (which you do), who is your favorite rapper of all time?

Tupac, because he's simply the best to write on paper since Aristotle and Socrates.

The thought of people sometimes compare me to him is nuts, no one... I mean no one will replace Pac.


What makes them so cool?

God allowed him to be human when he is so outta this world. He wasn't afraid to open up and tell his story, but he told others stories as well. He's the icon and the next door neighbor.

What is their best album and why?

Makaveli, because the production and aggression is something that has yet to be matched. Songs like "Blasphemy" and "21 Gun Salute" are untouchable, and that album shook the hip hop world not only because he was dead but because they feared he might actually come

2Pac - The Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory.jpeg

Nod to anyone locally?

Spac3man, Av Young Blaze, and Brainstorm definitely a driving force to my Northwest arrogance. They make us look good and I'd be foul if I didn't say Luck One is clearly the most overlooked rapper outta Portland. He's a beast

shout out to Mic Phenom as well.

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