Which Seattle Musician Was Just Named LA Weekly's Whitest Musician of All Time?

This morning, continuing their Complete Lists series, our siblings at LA Weekly presented their Top 20 Whitest Musicians of All Time, compiled using the following criteria:
To qualify as one of our whitest musicians, then, requires more than a pasty complexion, it requires a near-total disregard for jazz, blues and soul or, even worse, a complete whitewashing of them. Without further ado, then, here are 20 performers who put the you-know-what in honky-tonk.
Celine Dion's on the list. So is Moby, Vampire Weekend, and Will Smith. But it took one of our own hometown heroes to hit number one, a musician whom LA Weekly's Nicholas Pell dubs "the musical equivalent of a mashed potato sandwich with mayonnaise on white bread." The above image should be clue enough for you, but if you still can't guess who the culprit is, click here.

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