Which NW Musician Is Lindsey Buckingham's Long Lost Twin?

Yesterday I blogged about one show I was looking forward to this weekend--Pure Bathing Culture at Neumos tonight with Deep Sea Diver and Ravenna Woods. In this week's Short List, my Editor's Pick of the week is a different show though--Lindsey Buckingham at the Neptune tomorrow night. Today Pure Bathing Culture tweeted a photo of that Short List page, stating, "Seattle Weekly. Stoked to be sharing the page with Lindsey! Danny beside himself." In looking at the page, I came to the startling realization that Lindsey and PBC's Daniel Hindman look scarily similar.

I mean present-day Lindsey Buckingham. When Buckingham was Hindman's age he looked like this:

Thumbnail image for fm167.jpg
So hot.
But now he looks like this:

Now in blond.
And Hindman looks like this:

So I guess what I'm saying is, young Daniel Hindman looks like old Lindsey Buckingham, and that is cool. And a Short List coincidence. I wasn't the first to notice this. A commenter on PBC's Instagram wrote: "The men are sort of rockin the same hairdo, too." Good on you, Daniel.

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