Serial Hawk's Four-Song Debut Is a Stoner Rock Sludge Fest

Invisible Hour
Band: Serial Hawk

Release: Buried in the Gray

Label: Self-released

Release date: June 1st, 2012

The four-song debut from this Seattle trio is filled with slow and heavy chromatic riffs that blend the stoner rock of Kyuss with the pre-grunge sludge of bands like Tad and The Melvins. In fact, the EP's closer, "Watch It Burn," is so sludgy and slowed-down it may be un-headbangable. Will Bassin's vocals go from whispered to full-on shouting, sometimes in the course of the same song, like on "Silence Means Nothing." Though they've self-released this 12" (which means plenty of room between the grooves for all that heaviness), it wouldn't be surprising to see Serial Hawk signed to local heavyweights Good to Die.

Sample a song after the jump.

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