Sasquatch! Crowds Still Socially Conscious, Culturally Insensitive (See Hipster Headdresses)

Pop quiz: When I heard an attendee call someone's behavior "sleazy," were they berating the alleged perp for:

a. Wearing a headdress that tribes have said are offensive to them?


b. Working at a "smoking lounge" at which adults of legal smoking age could smoke?

If you guessed A, you're giving too much credit to your average, garden-variety hipster.

Sasquatch! fans are preachy types. In the last 36 hours, I've been pitched the gospel of "Legalize Gay Marriage," "Support Local," and "No Corporate Aftertaste." One attendee got in my face and asked me why my shirt was on when it could have been off (the answer, it goes without saying, should have been obvious).

Getting a pass in the liberal do-gooders' sermons are the thousands of attendees sporting feathers, "war paint," and headdresses.

Socially conscious? Sure. Culturally insensitive? Definitely.

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