Prom Queen Moves Past Covers with the Sexy Original Songs of Night Sound

By now you may've heard of Celene Ramadan--one of my old drink dates, who goes by the stage name Prom Queen--and her luscious collection of covers of songs by Bowie, the Pixies, Madonna, and more, my favorite of which is her gorgeous version of "November Rain."

Cover songs were just the beginning for Prom Queen, though--she just released a full-length album of originals seductively entitled Night Sound. Prom Queen's '50s-pop sound utilizes sultry vocals and dreamy, slumping instrumentals to a create a sound at once unique and vintage. Night Sound is a sweltering set of songs that wouldn't sound out of place soundtracking a Tarantino or Lynch film. (The Western-tinged "This Town Ain't Big Enough" would fit perfectly into Kill Bill, for example).

You can stream Night Sound in its entirety right now on Prom Queen's Bandcamp page, where you can also purchase the album for just $8.

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