mars upial's Data Puss Spins Anonymously Excellent IDM

mars upial_data puss.jpg

mars upial, Data Puss

Out now, self-released

Whoever is responsible for mars upial keeps a low profile: Other than a Bandcamp page, which doesn't list any names aside from the designer of the album art, there's no trace of the group (or, perhaps more accurately, the producer) on the Internet. The anonymity is worth mentioning because Data Puss--a four-song, instrumental electronic EP--is startlingly solid, falling into the nebulous realm of IDM and sounding overall like a less abstract Four Tet. The EP's title track is a good indicator of the record as a whole, pairing a glitchy beat with thick smears of synthesizer and constantly shifting textures. It's unclear who's behind mars upial, but let's hope whoever it is keeps it up.

Listen to Data Puss (and download it for free from mars upial's Bandcamp) after the jump.

Download it here.

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