Marco Collins Is Counting Down Seattle's Top 20 Songs at 3 p.m. on Jet City Stream, the City's New Online Radio Station

These are busy days for Marco Collins, the local radio personality who represents grunge in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's radio exhibit who was featured on the Weekly's cover last year. In addition to curating the Seattle International Film Festival's music-related flicks and events, he's landed a new gig with

The online radio station is based in SoDo, and is dedicated strictly to local music, and bands on the way to Seattle (kinda like the music section of your local alt-weekly). Collins is joined by, among others, Shawn Stewart, longtime darling at the Mountain.

Today at 3 p.m., Collins is spinning the top 20 songs in Seattle, a list he compiles through highly scientific analysis of local sales and requests. Today's list includes tracks from Deep Sea Diver, Fly Moon Royalty, MxPx, and Eddie Vedder. OH, and there's a new #1 this week, which Collins is keeping under lock and key until 3.

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