Josh Tillman Has Spent 19 (No, There's #20 ... and #21) Tweets Whining That Pitchfork Doesn't Love Father John Misty Enough

Um, looks like that Canadian shaman is over-feeding J.T. again. After Pitchfork posted a mostly-positive review of Tillman's new album, Fear Fun, under the Father John Misty moniker, the Sub Pop artist has spent much of the day tweeting (and re-tweeting) about how wronged he was. Like I said, it's mostly positive. But Tillman takes issue with a number of reviewer Stephen M. Deusner's modest, respectful criticisms of the record. This one in particular seems to have set the man's bloated ego off:

The arrangements entertain a rhythmic stiffness that sticks strictly to the beat, without any syncopation to suggest the messy experiences Tillman's lyrics evoke.


OK, here are a few of the tweets. But you gotta start following @fatherjohnmisty to keep up. This is getting pretty hysterical.


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