In which we check back with a couple of stars from Weekly s past: Tacoma's hit-making ghosts, The Writers Block ; and Noel Brass, Jr.


Checking Back: New Music From The Writers Block And Afrocop Camps

In which we check back with a couple of stars from Weeklys past: Tacoma's hit-making ghosts, The Writers Block; and Noel Brass, Jr. of Afrocop.

Renee McMahon
The Writers Block: William Jordan (L); Clemm Rishad (R)
Since gracing our cover (with Nicki), Tacoma's The Writers Block (Clemm Rishad and William Jordan) have been hard at work on their solo careers, and this week we get our first taste of new product. Songwriter/rap rapper Rishad just premiered the lead single, "The Beginning", from his upcoming album of the same name on The Source's website, and it shows off his blossoming skill as well as previous hit "Back to the Paper". In his success, he's become more self-aware and self-referential, but laces his lyrics with a touch of humility, and invites you into the fold with a welcoming voice.

William Jordan's next offering, Electric Ill 2 is also in the works (and what I've heard is pretty fantastic), so we'll keep an ear out for that. In the meantime, enter to win a chance to perform at KUBE 93's Summer Jam (where Rishad, Jordan and their Sky Movement crew have their own stage), and listen to "The Beginning":

Joshua Huston
Afrocop's Noel Brass, Jr.
When Afrocop keyboardist/band leader Noel Brass, Jr. isn't getting down on some serious improv funk with the 'Cop, he makes some pretty far out ambient music on his own time (check out this short film he scored a while back), and his new album, Future Noir Soundtracks is right up that alley. His varied piano/electric key sounds and synthesizer effects create a cloud of sound that occasionally sounds like the last two-and-a-half minutes of Mars Volta's "The Widow" (album version) or the first minute of Led Zeppelin's "In The Light", and frequently conjure Ridley Scott (or Vangelis), but the mixture is all his own. In substituting mood for groove, Brass has created a style-defining album. Check it out on his Bandcamp page--or down below--and check out Afrocop live at The Stepping Stone Saturday, May 26th at around 10 p.m..

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