Witch Gardens Returns to the Stage This Weekend + Releases New EP, R.I.P.

Seattle's favorite sorcerers Witch Gardens have been noticeably absent from the live music circuit of late--they've been recording their next full-length, I'd Rather Be Alone (out later this summer). As a precursor to that album, Witch Gardens is releasing a 7-inch EP called R.I.P. on Portland's Waterwing Records; the EP contains "Aunt Shae/Mean Colleen," and, on the flip, "Standard Poodle" and "Bakers Dozen." (Heads up: the band's will also be releasing a music video for "Aunt Shae" in the next week or so).

You can order a vinyl copy of R.I.P. on Waterwing's website, and while you're waiting for it to come in the mail, get all three tracks digitally for free on Bandcamp.

Witch Gardens will also be returning to the stage this week, for their first shows in four months.

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On Friday, the band will play as part of UW's 150th anniversary HuskyFest at 3 p.m. in the Red Square Pavilion. (HuskyFest, which goes from tomorrow, the 19th through Saturday the 21st, btw, has put together a pretty awesome lineup of music that also includes sets by Craft Spells, The Pharmacy, Secret Colors, Fly Moon Royalty, Stephanie, Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, and a DJ set by the Rapture. Check out the full schedule here). Of the UW concert, WG's Casey Catherwood promises, "I can guarantee it will be the most legendary concert that Witch Gardens has played yet."

Opportunity #2 is on Saturday night, when WG will open for Colleen Green at the Rendezvous, a lineup that also includes Seapony and Corals.

Catherwood says it's time to shake off the winter blues: "The only reason we're playing these two shows is to instill a sense of pride that we feel has been missing in the community. I feel that people have been lackadaisical. We want to promote our new record. But we also want to bring confidence back to Seattle. People are walking around with their heads down. No one says hello to their neighbors anymore. So I guess, in a nutshell, Witch Gardens is here to bring the spark back."

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