Onry Ozzborn (left) and Alex Zavala (right) = Dark Time Sunshine
Quality local rap albums by artists like Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death,


Four Local Rap Albums to Look Forward To: Dark Time Sunshine; Kingdom Crumbs; CopperWire; Art Vandelay

Onry Ozzborn (left) and Alex Zavala (right) = Dark Time Sunshine
Quality local rap albums by artists like Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death, Don't Talk to the Cops!, Grynch, THEESatisfaction, Hi-Life Soundsystem and La have already found our ears this year, which begs the question: What does the scene have left to offer us? Answer: plenty. In a frantic attempt to prove such claims, I've compiled a list of releases on the horizon to whet your appetite:

Dark Time Sunshine, ANX

Potential release date: Summer

Label: Fake Four

What I've gleaned from their Twitter account is that the new album should be mastered within the next week, and that the first accompanying video will be shot in New York City mid-May. The two-man team consisting of Chicago producer Alex Zavala and Seattle MC Onry Ozzborn happened upon a nearly unparalleled chemistry with 2009's free album Believeyoume, and released one of the best Northwest-associated hip hop albums of all time a year later in Vessel. The two create monstrous music together, and news of a new full-length has me jonesin' for a fix.

Kingdom Crumbs, (Untitled)

Potential release date: Summer

Label: Unsigned/Cloud Nice

During a recent in-studio interview the group did with KEXP, somebody who sounds like Kingdom Crumbs MC Mikey Nice explained that to him, the new project is "Creatively the path of least resistance. We kind of just throw on the music and go with the gut feeling...really honest music." The new group--who's members are Mikey Nice, Jerm, Jarv Dee and Tay Sean--is the most recent combination of [Beacon Hill hip hop collective/family] Cloud Nice MCs/producers, and the sound is as laid back as anything you'd expect from the camp. There are a few Kingdom Crumbs songs floating around the internet, and they all bear producer Tay Sean's trademark stoned innovation. The rhymes are mainly stream of consciousness, and equally inventive. Listen to "Pick Both Sides Of My Brain":

CopperWire, Earthbound

Release date: April 17

Label: Porto Franco Records

"What you think we do all day, swat flies?/We got two-ways and flip phones shipped in from Dubai" is the first line CopperWire MC Burntface (who's also listed under the names Askala Bilaq, Scholar Black and Ellias Fullmore) spits on "Phone Home", one of two songs the group (which comprises Oakland's Burntface, San Fran's Meklit Hadero, and Seattle's Gabriel Teodros) has posted on their website. Their elaborate site makes the project out to be part album, part sci-fi novel, but is billed (by their label) as "a hip-hop space opera created by three American artists of the Ethiopian diaspora: singer-songwriter Meklit Hadero (San Francisco) and emcees Gabriel Teodros (Seattle) and Ellias Fullmore (Oakland)." The group's sound is energetic and jazz-influenced, and has already earned some national press. Listen to "Phone Home", and "Wake Up" here.

Art Vandelay, Face Tattoo

Release Date: May 1

Label: Unimpressive Records

A year after the group (MC Ricky Pharoe and producer Mack Formway) blew minds and sent delightfully creepy vibes across the internet with their debut album They've Got My Number Down At The Post Office, the duo has announced its follow up: Face Tattoo. The first single, "Vitiligo", is just as intense and penetrating as anything they've put out before. The artwork is horrifying. I can't wait. "Vitiligo":

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