The New York Times: "Seattle ... a Bastion of Oddball Hip-Hop"

David Belisle
That's the assessment of The New York Times' pop music critic, Jon Pareles, in his review of TheeSatisfaction's Sub Pop debut, Awe Naturale (they refused to play the capitalization game and call it awE naturalE; btw, I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the meeting when someone suggested, "You know, why don't we put it all in lowercase, but capitalize the last two Es ..."). And we couldn't agree more with the assessment.

The review wasn't breathless, but it definitely was positive:

" ... their vocals are overshadowed by the hypnotic momentum of their grooves: dense and swampy, with thick jazz harmonies and, often, rhythms that lurch and skip, demanding alertness because they keep things off balance."

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