Kelly Mason
Myself Aside will be performing April 7 at El Corazon.
?A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you


Tell Me About That Song: Michael Thornton and Chance Woodard of Seattle's Own Myself Aside

Kelly Mason
Myself Aside will be performing April 7 at El Corazon.
?A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about it? This week Michael Thornton and Chance Woodard, guitarist and dummer, respectively, of Seattle metal band Myself Aside, delve into late-night writing sessions at Seattle Pacific University, music notation software and filming a live music video at El Corazon.

Song: "Penny Piece"

Album: Penny Piece (Single)

Release Date: February 2012

When it was written: It was written in early 2011. Probably January or February, back when everyone in the band went to Seattle Pacific University up in Queen Anne. That's where we all met each other and formed this crazy band that has become Myself Aside as it is today. We used to spend hours practicing in the music building or even in the lounge of one of our dorm halls. Those were some awesome days.

Where it was written: Back when we were all in school, we would hang out in each other's dorm rooms a lot. This song happens to be written almost completely by Michael, in Room 432 (Michael's dorm room) on the 4th floor of Hill Hall, at SPU. Chance just tweaked some of the drums, and Sam added a few things to the guitar parts. We write our songs almost entirely using music notation software, to map out songs and make sure that all of the intricate parts line up well, before just jamming them out during a practice. It really helps the writing process when things get technical.

Favorite lines in the song: "For I am He who has conquered death" is a moment when Jesus lays forth the claim that he has conquered that which every man has feared, death itself, and is indeed alive. Also "No demon could hold me back" is one of our favorites because we have absolutely nothing to fear, knowing that God is King.

Which part was the hardest to come up with: Musically, the guitar lead that Sam plays at 0:32 took the longest for us work out. There were multiple options that we could have taken, but we are happy with how it turned out, and believe it really has a fresh edge to it that stands out from the "scene."

If you could go back and change anything, what would it be: We totally would have dropped the tuning to G#. Just kidding, we absolutely love how it turned out, and wouldn't change a thing.

Odd fact about song: Most of the music was written in a single night. A very late night, that is. Also, the title "Penny Piece" has no real significance in regards to the song at all. It was just a working title that never ended up changing so we stuck with it. Actually several of our song titles have ended up that way, oddly enough.

What was your inspiration for writing the song: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the heart of everything we do. We wanted to portray the power of the Gospel and how it gives us the peace and strength to walk forward in a life that is glorifying to God.

When was your favorite time performing it live: We always get pumped playing this song live, and try to do better and play with more energy every time. "Penny Piece" has so much energy that sometimes even our bassist gets a little carried away and collides with others on the stage. Luckily, that's at a minimum though. We will actually be filming a live music video for it at our show coming up at El Corazon, so hopefully we play well and make it a night to remember!

What is the meaning behind the song: The song is about how Jesus Christ changes, rebuilds, and empowers Christians to stand strong in their faith. Lyrically, there is a man who is falling victim to doubt and is crying out in a desperate prayer for a revival of his faith, and asks Jesus to renew his heart and strengthen him, during lines such as, "Give me a sign and revive my faith." Jesus then reminds him of the Gospel: that Jesus Christ came into this world, lived a perfect life, died to pay the penalty for our sin, and was resurrected, conquering Satan, sin and death itself. Upon hearing this, the man surrenders his life to Jesus as Lord of his life, and declares himself a warrior for Christ with a final triumphant cry, "I will be your warrior."" target="_blank">Listen to "Penny Piece" on Myself Aside's Facebook.

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