Hotels Mine the Best of the '80s on Cinemascope I


Hotels, Cinemascope I EP

Self-released, April 24

Seattle four-piece Hotels are disciples of two oft-cited (and occasionally overlapping) trends from the '80s: post-punk and new wave. On the band's forthcoming EP, Cinemascope I, the former shows up in the fluid guitar lines and lockstep drumming, the latter in the dense layers of keyboards and electronics; appropriately, the band lists the likes of Joy Division and Cocteau Twins as influences. The four songs here range in mood from brooding ("Spider Party") to lively ("The Reddest Rose," which sounds like a synth-heavy Strokes outtake) to spaced-out (the coda of six-minute-long "True Crime"), indicative of a band savvy about how it wears its influences.

Listen to "The Reddest Rose" after the jump, and get a free download of "Spider Party" on Hotels' Bandcamp. If you like what you hear, the band is playing an EP release show April 27 at the Columbia City Theater.

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