3 Notes for the Water Cooler About Willie Nelson, Pearl Jam, Lemolo, and Sasquatch!

1. Lemolo, the up-and-coming local duo that Angela Dice profiled in the Weekly last year, has finally announced the release of their full-length debut. The June 29 CD-release show for Kaleidoscope at Columbia City Theater sold out in just 11 hours. Only Fleet Foxes have sold-out a show at the venue faster. A June 30 show has been added.

2. Sasquatch! has sold out. No shocker there. It did take a bit longer than usual, but the sell-out was inevitable. We'll keep you posted on the detailed schedule, as well as opportunities to get free passes.

3. Willie and Luke Nelson have perfectly covered Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe," a standout track from the band's 2009 album, Backspacer. The track is destined for Nelson's new album, Heroes, out May 15. Rolling Stone has the exclusive stream of the track. Speaking of Pearl Jam ... Eddie Vedder was forced to cancel his summer solo tour (no Seattle date) due to nerve damage in his right arm.

Good luck to you, Mr. Vedder.

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