Which Reverb Contributor Said This: "I Really Like Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto. So Fuck Everyone"

Update: Yes, It WAS ERIN K. THOMPSON! And, yes, she does have a life-sized cardboard cutout of the Bieber in her cubicle.

And, yes, she digs the album in a complete unironic way. Which is funny to even write. Because liking any album shouldn't have to be described as such. And I'm perpetuating the notion that you should feel ashamed for liking Coldplay. Shit, I didn't hear the record until they finally released it to streaming services. And I have to say, pretty good!!!

That's all. Carry on.

Let's go down the line. Was it:

A. Eric "It Was All Yellow" Grandy

B. Gwendolyn "God Put a Smile On Your Face" Elliott

C. Joe "What's Wrong With Loving Coldplay?" Williams

D. Julia "I Have More Names Than Chris Martin Has Wristbands" Mullen Gordon

E. Erin "I Don't Believe In Guilty Pleasures, But I Do Believe In Stars" Thompson

F. Todd "What Color Are Your Parachutes?" Hamm

G. Dave "Tell Me About the Time You Married Gweneth" Lake

H. Andrew "Viva La Vida" Gospe

Hint: This person has a life-sized cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber in his/her personal space.

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