I'll make it no secret here that Queens of the Stone Age is my favorite rock band of all time, and pre-QOTSA outfit


Kyuss Gossip: What, Exactly, Do My Favorite Rockers Of All Time Think They're Doing With All This Legal Mumbo-Jumbo?

I'll make it no secret here that Queens of the Stone Age is my favorite rock band of all time, and pre-QOTSA outfit Kyuss is a close second or third or something (Welcome To Sky Valley does happen to be one of the best hard rock albums of all time), so finding an email with "Joshua Homme [yada, yada]..." in the subject line is a nice way to start the day for me. When it's body consists of this, though:

Kyuss members Scott Reeder and Joshua Homme have been forced to file a federal lawsuit against John Garcia and Brant Bjork a/k/a Kyuss Lives! The suit alleges trademark infringement and consumer fraud by Kyuss Lives!

"It sucks. To think we went to a meeting in January solely to help them with their request to continue Kyuss Lives! With open arms, we made every attempt to help them continue Kyuss Lives! respectfully. Only to discover while they looked us in the eye, Kyuss Lives! management and band had filed federal documents in 2011 in an attempt to steal the name Kyuss.

This is desperately what we were trying to avoid. It's a sad day for us and for John - but most of all for the fans. What a needless mess."

it's a total buzz kill.

Kyuss Lives! is, of course, the recent touring incarnation of Kyuss which consists of three of the band's four original members (sans Homme [who, side note, looks hella like my friend Geoff]) that I foolishly refused to see when they came through town last year based upon my subconscious Homme-allegience, as well as the fact that I find it less interesting to catch a band in concert after they have stopped creating in the studio (although there are rumors of new Kyuss material [keep reading]). My question here is: What gives? Homme and late-period bassist Scott Reeder have filed a federal lawsuit against the other guys, and allegiance aside, I feel like it's kind of a cold move. Sure, the law might be on the petitioners' side here, but the KL! gang is merely trying to relive some of the glory days they obviously miss (and Nick Oliveri could use the cash [note: I hung out with Oliveri a year before that arrest, and made it out unscathed]).

On the flip side, it sounds like (from what little information we've been given) Garcia and Bjork may have tried to grab the name all sneaky-like. It would also be pseudo-understandable if Homme had issues with this new postscript to the storied Kyuss legacy. Either way, the other guys fired back yesterday, saying:

We are both shocked and saddened that our friend and one time band mate has chosen to file a lawsuit against us, especially after having positive discussions since our reformation. We look forward to resolving this private matter behind closed doors and moving forward with work on our new album and connecting with our amazing, loyal fans.

Hey, at least they're talking! Rock on, friends.

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