Simone Turkington
As opposed to our favorite songs, or songs we'd like to think define our listening habits, taking a look at what a person


10 Songs From The Cassette Player Duct-Taped To The Dashboard Of Neil Hamburger's Car

Simone Turkington
As opposed to our favorite songs, or songs we'd like to think define our listening habits, taking a look at what a person actually listens to can be far more revealing. With that in mind, every Wednesday we ask an artist to take a look at the most-played songs in their iTunes libraries and share with us the results. We do this on the honor system, and we ask our subjects to share a few words about each song.

Whether you've seen him on late-night TV making audiences squirm or caught him on tour opening for acts like Faith No More or Tenacious D, once you've witnessed the walking comb over that is Neil Hamburger and the spectacle of his strange stand-up, it's something you can't forget. Hamburger will be in town next week performing his "unique brand of comedy" so we pinged him for some of his most-played songs. True to his eccentric form, instead of sending us songs from his iTunes--technology the funnyman doesn't use--he sent us this list of obscure tracks from the tape player jerry-rigged to his dashboard. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the songs of Neil Hamburger.

Hamburger brings his oddball routine to Chop Suey next Wednesday, April 4th.

1. "Go Wild In The Country," Bow Wow Wow: This is a very catchy song about the importance of eschewing low-quality take-away food.

2. "The Name Of My Sorrow," Richard Harris: In this unusual number, the great Richard Harris names names as he bitterly catalogs failed relationships.

3. "The People That You Never Get To Love," Frank Sinatra, Jr.: A painful song to those of us who lack certain tools needed to enjoy life.

4. "Who Cares What Happens," Dennis Payne: Self-pity set to music is always going to be in high rotation as I travel from town to town.

5. "Nightmare," Jaibi: Perfect post-show music for me; as it frequently is "like a nightmare" being under the judgmental glare of the "pig people" who have increasingly infiltrated the nightclub scene.

6. "Two Words, Three Words," The Robert Tennison Troupe: Who this "troupe" is remains a complete mystery, but the song itself has always had the uncanny ability to soothe a headache brought on by financial, career, and personal stress.

7. "What's Gnawing At Me," Pat Boone: Who can blame the young people for trying to lose themselves "in the downtown crowd"? And with Pat Boone behind the microphone, you can rest assured that the lyrics are not coded drug references.

8. "Live It Like It Is," Joe E.: Joe E. was a Florida construction worker who got taken for every penny he had in a recording studio scam that inadvertently produced a beautiful soundtrack to despair, the Love Got In My Way album.

9. "Living In A Trance," Ferlin Husky: Spellbinding cautionary tale about the after-effects of a particularly toxic form of hypnosis.

10. "Winter Milk," The Poppy Family: Truly heartbreaking rural song about a cow's teat running dry during winter. No one but Susan Jacks could use the non-word "famouser" in a song and have it work as well as it does here.

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