Wings, Wrestling & Wrap: A Q&A With Grynch


Alex Crick
Grynch at SW's 2009 Reverb Festival
During a recent happy hour, I was able to sit down for appetizers and beer with rapping


Wings, Wrestling & Wrap: A Q&A With Grynch

  • Wings, Wrestling & Wrap: A Q&A With Grynch

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    Alex Crick
    Grynch at SW's 2009 Reverb Festival
    During a recent happy hour, I was able to sit down for appetizers and beer with rapping Ballard resident Grynch. Northend wing-mecca Wingmasters was the setting, his new album Perspective (out today), along with his release show (tonight at Neumos), sauce preference, and rapping wrestlers were on the table for discussion.

    SW: What does the name Perspective mean to you? What kind of statement do you want to make with it?

    Basically just looking at life from a good place. I mean, a lot of people go through life with a pretty shitty perspective on things. Every perspective comes from something that caused them to have that perspective. I think a lot of times, folks'll just have a real skewed-ass perspective of whatever. It basically just signifies trying to go through our life not thinking everything's fucked up.

    What is your favorite dipping sauce? Serious question.

    I like all kinds of dipping sauces, man. Right now, I think bleu cheese might be the one because we're at Wingmasters. That sounds better than everything else right now.


    Over the years, you've been a prolific feature-rapper on other people's projects. You've done like, albums'-worth of features, I feel like. Tons. Are you just an approachable guy? Do you ever have to tell people no because you feel like it's taking too much away from your solo work?

    I enjoy woking with other artists, and I've racked up a ton of guest features, especially in the past couple of years when I wasn't making a whole lot of solo music. That's kind of why you saw a spike in guest features from me, 'cause I wasn't making a lot of solo music. I was kind of writing sixteens here and there for other people's stuff. I'm still working with other artists. If somebody approaches me with a song and it's good, I'm down for it. It's not on no 'you have to be a certain person' to do a song with me. If you look at my entire catalogue, I've worked with so many different rappers from around here. The feature catalogue is pretty deep. I might have to put out a collection of some of my favorites.

    Do you feel like it keeps you sharp? Like practice almost?

    Yeah, absolutely.

    How often do you get your hair cut? The people want to know.

    I try to get my hair cut every couple weeks.

    What would you say, two weeks? Three?

    Yeah, about three weeks.

    [Hip Hop barber shop] Stefo's?


    You went on tour with Blue Scholars last year. How was that experience? Do you feel like scheduling a big, national or regional tour is the next move for you?

    It could potentially be a move. I'm definitely trying to get back on the road, that was one of the best experiences I've had in music because, like I said, I was in somewhat of a rut musically; I wasn't really creating that much. Just going to so many different cities, and having a lot of people actually be familiar with who I am, and be familiar with my music. That was kind of like 'oh yeah, that's tight." It's fuckin' cool to go across the country, and have people really know who you are. It was just kind of refreshing. That was the first time I actually went on a lengthy run out of town.

    You think you'll line [a tour] up?

    Yeah, I'll definitely get back out on the road before too long.

    Like a local one, or shoot for the stars?

    Definitely regionally, or West Coast, likely, but I'd absolutely like to get back out on the road, get back to the Midwest, the East Coast, do stuff like that again. That was fun, man.

    Last question: Who's your favorite rapping wrestler of all time? There are a few to choose from.

    macho man1.jpeg

    Macho Man Randy Savage.

    Ooooh. Okay, why?

    C'mon man, this guy started off his diss track against Hulk Hogan by emulating a line from "No Vaseline" by Ice Cube, when he dissed N.W.A. That is amazing...that is why he is the greatest. Be a man, Hogan. SW

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