Grynch : you've met the guy . Personally, I've known the man for roughly fifteen years, so you could say it's been difficult to look


New Videos From Grynch, Fly Moon Royalty, And What Makes Them So Good

Grynch: you've met the guy. Personally, I've known the man for roughly fifteen years, so you could say it's been difficult to look at his career objectively (but then again, is any of the slanderous blathering I fill these pages with ever really objective? [DON'T ANSWER THAT]). So, from my point of view anyhow, his quality of output has steadily climbed over the years, and today (the royal today, it came out earlier this month), we are left with Perspective, his third LP, and a sleek new video for its title track (released yesterday). In addition to being a sort of sweet-sounding (expertly produced by Jake One) mission statement and introduction to the album, "Perspective" is a self-penned update on his career that touches on fans, critics, the surprise hit songs (which, you can tell by the over-exaggerated air-steering and laughing at the end of video, have become inside goof-worthy). As a song and video, "Perspective" is effective because he's clearly taken time to ponder his life, career, professional and personal issues, and come out the other side with some informed observations based on his unique life experience. Gone are most of the filler lines and cliché phrasing that occasionally prevailed in past verses, and his rhymes are well-spit here from bar to bar. The shots, by Zac McConnell, make surprisingly good use of light for having been shot in the dark confines of Neumos (during the album's release party). "Perspective" is good. Check it out:

Fly Moon Royalty also recently released a good looking video, this one for "Lemonade" is from last year's self-titled debut on Sportn' Life records. The players are dressed up to look vintage, but the look is crisp and clear, which is analogous to their sound: old-style charm, new era techniques. Adra Boo's voice cuts Action Jackson's instrumental at just the right angle, and without trying to do too much, delivers a catchy song. This kind of bouncy neo-soul lands right in FMR's wheelhouse, and has the kind of mainstream appeal that could have them sharing the stage with people like Raphael Saddiq or Mayer Hawthorne. I could envision myself dancing to this song like the people in the video if I was out in a suit at a classy shindig rather than at home typing in my bathrobe. Check it:

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