Dave and some furry friends.
The " Thrilla from Chewelah ," aka Sir Allen Stone, played Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, his network debut after


Letterman or Bust: The Ten Best Local Performances on Late-Night TV

Dave and some furry friends.
The "Thrilla from Chewelah," aka Sir Allen Stone, played Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, his network debut after a much-vaunted Conan appearance back in October. When your beloved local act plays on national television, you know they've made it. There's something inherently fun about the tradition of bands on TV, which harkens back to the birth of rock and roll and the British Invasion that followed. I remember sleeping on the couch to wake up and watch The Strokes' first appearance on Letterman (yes, I was in high school and it was past my bedtime), and recording the week-long White Stripes residency on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The tapes are probably still in a cabinet somewhere. But enough nostalgia-- it's not every day our local bands do us proud on the small screen, but when they do, they bring it. Here's ten of the best outings.

10. Neko Case with Rachel Flotard, "This Tornado Loves You"

The flame-haired former Seattleite was backed by another redheaded resident of our fair city when Rachel Flotard sang backing vocals on her 2009 Late Show appearance.

9. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, "Hey Momma"

The band played Last Call with Carson Daly in 2007, but there's no video online, so please enjoy a performance of the same song live from the Pretty Parlor.

8. Willie Nelson and the Supersuckers, "Bloody Mary Morning"

The Supersuckers backed Willie Nelson on an awesome punk version of "Bloody Mary Morning" from 1996's Twisted Willie. Badass.

7. Modest Mouse, "Float On"

Despite "3rd Planet" being a perfect song for a late night show, MM apparently made no television appearances for The Moon and Antarctica, instead making their network debut with a bombastic performance of "Bury Me With It" on Carson Daly in 2004. I couldn't find that video on YouTube (though here is a weird personal website where you can watch it) so please enjoy this version of "Float On" live on The Late Late Show with host Craig Kilborn (remember him?).

6. Telekinesis, "Please Ask for Help"

Late last fall it seemed there was a slew of Northwest artists hitting the small screen, including this great performance from Telekinesis on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from September of last year. You gotta love the return to holding up the record instead of a tiny CD.

5. The Lonely Forest, "Turn Off This Song and Go Outside"

Anacortes' favorite sons sounded charismatic as usual when they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last August. Unfortunately, the above video cuts off after a minute and a half, but hopefully they were able to spread that charm with late night watchers across the country.

4. Death Cab for Cutie, "The New Year"

This one is worth it for inspired intro by James Lipton, who notes, "The superficiality of most alternative rock makes me want to stick my genitals in a blender... though their name implies a cheerfully deranged sex crime, their songs are somehow both melancholic and catchy." It only gets better from there.

3. The Shins, "Simple Song"

Yeah, I know The Shins mostly live in Portland, but who's that I spy playing guitar on their recent SNL appearance? Could it be Reverb Monthly cover star Jessica Dobson? I'd bet that the next time you see her on a late night show, it will be with her own band, but the fact of the matter is The Shins are appearing on Letterman March 20th.

2. Fleet Foxes, "Blue Ridge Mountains"

Fleet Foxes made their live TV debut with a transcendent version of "Blue Ridge Mountains" on the Late Show in 2008.

1. Band of Horses, "Is There A Ghost"

Not a huge fan of Cease to Begin but I love this song so here goes. Beards and plaid are de rigueur in South Carolina, too, apparently.

Prefer Candlebox's frequent late-night outings? Mad that I didn't include Pearl Jam? Add it in the comments!

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