Karaoke Korrespondents Investigates the Lynnwood Nightlife Scene at Daverthumps Two

KK didn't have to walk a thousand miles to hear a killer rendition of Vanessa Carlton.
Daverthumps Too is a pirate-themed sports pub in south Lynnwood that has karaoke every night of the week. A few Mondays ago, I experienced for the first time what it's like to actually enjoy a dead karaoke night without the aid of singing to keep myself entertained. Before then I didn't realize such a thing was possible. I hung out in the bar with an old friend from high school whom I hadn't seen since we graduated 20 years ago. We got so caught up reminiscing about the girls from our class and how they've held up on Facebook that I let the whole night go by without taking advantage of a wide-open rotation.

The bar is a cozy place to belly up. It's tucked in the back as you enter and is constructed of dark wood with carved pillars to resemble the interior of an old ship. The stage is located in a different section in the corner of this big TV room that holds the pool tables, dart boards, and video games. The stage is viewable from the bar, but on a busy night that but angle would be obstructed pretty quickly.

Although I didn't participate in the show that night, I still got a great sense that it was a fun place to sing. It was a young crowd, most everyone was well within their 20s, and there were actually girls there. For a Monday in Lynnwood that is more than anyone can ask for. The problem was, there were hardly any singers. One table was having a ball singing and dancing around with each other, but outside of them it was a lot of the KJ, Jeno, having to put himself in that night.

Krista, the nice bartender we chatted with a bit, decided to shut things down at midnight. She said Tuesdays were a lot busier because they bring in a lot of people for their trivia night and do this thing called "speedaroke" where they try to jam in as many singers as fast as they can at the conclusion of the contest. That sounded awesome to me so I decided to return and check it out last week.

I arrived at 10:15 p.m. and watched the last couple rounds of trivia from the bar. There were about 30 people in that room as the host Heidi called out the questions. I made quick friends with the bartender, Todd. He told me new owners were taking over in two weeks and a lot of changes were coming including the name. I was glad to have the chance to check the place out the way it was. Daverthump's has been around since 1973.

The karaoke started at 11 p.m. It wasn't the mad-capped round-robin of singers I envisioned but was still very fun. There was a solid rotation of about a dozen singers, mostly females, and Heidi called everyone up as quickly as she could. My favorite performance was delivered by this brunette who sang a rock-solid rendition of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles." I did "Stuck With You" by Huey Lewis and was so dialed in, Todd told me someone got out of his seat to get a look at who was singing.

The main KJ's name is Frank and he hosts on weekends, which I am told is an absolute circus. I spent my formative years in Brier about a mile away and sometimes wonder how my life would be if I'd never moved back to Seattle. After spending two nights at this place, I know I would have hung out here every night.

DAVERTHUMPS TOO, 19720 44th Ave. W., Suite N, 425-582-8808, LYNNWOOD

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