If You Could Write (or Read) a Book About Any Album, What Would It Be? Bloomsbury Is Taking Submissions for the 33 1/3 Book Series

For years, Continuum -- recently acquired by Bloomsbury -- have honored those who fetishize music by publishing the 33 1/3 series in which a single record is tackled in book form. Installments have included tomes on Harvest, Pet Sounds, Let it Be, and many, many others. Between now (OK, last Saturday) and April 30, Bloomsbury is accepting pitches for more. Which begs the question: If you could read or write a book about a single record, what would it be?

I had a conversation about the series yesterday with a colleague of mine, and we both agreed that while getting a book published in the series would be a huge honor, just putting a proper pitch together for such a thing would be a good exercise. Neither of us have any plans to pitch this time (is the world ready for 20,000 words on Youth and Young Manhood?), but it got me thinking about all the rejected pitches that may spring up here. If anyone has a pitch that gets turned down, I'd sure love to read 'em. Send 'em my way!

Oh, right: If you could read/write a book about any record, what would it be?

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