Hey Beautiful's Gone EP Shows Promise, Lacks Refinement

Hey Beautiful_Gone.jpg

Hey Beautiful is the dream-pop project of Mackenzie Buchanan and Seattle resident Matt Menovcik, and Gone is the result of studios sessions that occurred just before Buchanan left Seattle to live in her native Connecticut. The EP's three tracks sound appropriate wistful, and sonically, they strive for the territory staked out by bands like Low or Galaxie 500. This is a tall order, to be sure, and unfortunately, Hey Beautiful doesn't hit those lofty heights.

Buchanan has a serviceable voice, but the arrangements don't enough to support it; too often, songs rely on droning organs or strings that are approximate the layers of sound dream-pop is known for, but aren't particularly interesting musically. The EP's title track is its highlight, featuring a simple electronic drum pattern and a strong chorus while getting the layers just right.

Listen to "Gone" below, or stream the entire thing at Hey Beautiful's Bandcamp.

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