Graz's Teenage Bassland EP: Come For the Mashups, Stay For the Novelty Song About Seattle Clichés


Graz, Teenage Bassland

Automation Records


Electronic musician Graz (not to be confused with the local sports talk-radio guy) bridges the gap between Girl Talk-style mashups and the mainstream dubstep sound that's currently en vogue, combining the decidedly unsubtle samples of the former with the breakdowns and bass womps of the latter. This three-song EP's two mashups, the rather transparently titled "Bad Bromance" "Teenage Bassland," are fairly forgettable; the clear highlight of the EP is "Luv 2 H8 (Seattle)." A novelty song about Seattle stereotypes, the track is genuinely clever (if a bit overly long at nearly six minutes) and redeems what would otherwise be a generic electro EP.

Listen to "Love 2 H8 (Seattle)" after the jump.

Stream the EP in its entirety here.

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