Beyond Our Borders: Post-Oceansize Project British Theatre Releases EP, Moves Away From Traditional Experimental Rock

Fans of the late Manchester, UK rock band Oceansize know that they primarily did two things well: they got their prog-metal on; and they painted eerie softer movements that crept into your subconscious. This new project from ex-Oceansize frontman Mike Vennart and former/current bandmate Richard "Gambler" Ingram (who played guitar and keyboards in Oceansize) British Theatre surfaces on the softer side of things with their debut EP...EP, but it's more left-field than the 'size's tangential, yet traditionally arranged rock.

Now, Vennart has an incredible voice, but it can veer into teen heartthrob land in the wrong environment (read: when the melody turns poppy or sappy), which it does a bit on the first song of the EP, "ID Parade On Ice", but things get back on track with second song, the moody piano/synth ballad "Gold Bruise". The two have created some interesting, mainly electronic backdrops that have distinct personality, and take a turn soaking in it on the third and final track "Little Death #3 (6th Gen Degrade)", which ends the release on an excellent note. It all sounds a bit like their previous project, but being that BT is not a full-on rock band, they are able to leave many of the inevitable expectations behind, and go off on their own journey. We'll (happily) see where this goes.

Listen to their new EP, EP here or stream below.

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