7 Ways L.A. Can Be More Like Seattle

In response to Duff's column last week about the "10 Things Seattle Can Learn From L.A.," commentator Sarahquil came up with a pretty fine list of her own about what L.A. can do to be more like Seattle.

1. When seeing a show, DO NOT DANCE, cuz people will look at you strange.Just sway a little and have a half smile on your face.

2. Seattle can become just as small a world as a country PO-dunk town, so just pretend that you don't know nothin about nobody and carry on.

3. Women: men here don't want to hear about Juicy Coutour nor do they want to see you wearing a pile of make-up, unless your dressed like an old pin up girl then it's okay...and leave the hair extentions at home.

4. Make sure to own an old stinky Columbia jacket or a Northface one.

5. Drive a fuel-efficient car, such as a Prius and make sure there is trail mix from Whole Foods stuck in the crack of the seat. Oh, and hide the McDonalds bag when finished underneath the seat because we generally frown down upon unnatural foods up here, although we eat them too.

6. Attention L.A.: there is no Rock Star parking, so make sure you know how to parallel park.

7. Join the Mountaineers club or go hipster and see cool Indie bands at The Tractor Tavern, in your skinny Jean bests:D ( I like the Tractor Tavern, just sayin)

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