Favorite Pastime: The Lonely Forest's Tony Ruland Turns "My Sharona" Into the Melvins

The Lonely Forest play The Neptune with the Seattle Rock Orchestra on March 3. Tony Ruland is the one wearing the shirt with trees.
The Lonely Forest guitarist Tony Ruland:

"I like to go to record stores, look through the bargain bins, and buy 45s of, you know, songs we all know like 'What's Love Got to Do With It,' 'My Sharona.' Then you listen to them [set to] 33 RPMs and maybe you have a turntable you can adjust 10 percent or minus 10 percent, however you want to do it.

'My Sharona' turns into the best Melvins song you've ever heard. 'What's Love Got to Do With It"'is the most beautiful soul song you've ever heard. 'Old Time Rock and Roll's' just kind of weird, sounds like Oscar the Grouch. Thriller at like 60 percent, that whole record is just the best gangster rap record you've ever heard."

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