Fatal Lucciauno's Respect Is Worthy Of Some--Not All

Fatal Lucciauno


2/21, Sportn' Life, sportnlife.net:

With a few years and even more street cred behind him since 2007's The Only Forgotten Son, Fatal Lucciauno's new release unites the gangsta rapper with past collaborators (Vitamin D, J. Pinder) and new alliances (Larry Mizell Jr., Fly Moon Royalty's Adraboo, Jake One) for a gritty, street-soaked sound of brooding beats and smooth-lipped lyrics.

The MC's still got that brassy rap bravado--see how he verbally bitch slaps his girl on "Gotta Go" and casually tosses out the tasteless dis "faggot" on "Better Than You"--but frontin' or not, Fatal swaggers with more assurance, as on "Adolf Hilter," a menacing "fuck the establishment" [sic] battle cry that eerily samples some of the dictator's own words.

Some misses here--I may not understand all the subtle nuances of gangsta rap but that faggot shit is weak and overplayed--but Fatal's at his best on tracks like the smooth, polished "Amazing" and "One Love, One Purpose" where his natural talent flows far better.

Fatal Lucciauno will celebrate the release of his new album Friday, February 17th at Chop Suey.

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