Dude, Houston Got Us: "Kurt Cobain at 45: Where Would He Be In 2012?"

Houston Press
Tender Kurt. Kind of creepy.
Yesterday, our sister (brother?) androgynous sibling publication the Houston Press laid down some pretty spot-on (or at least stereotypical and chuckle-worthy) scenarios that outline Kurt Cobain's post-suicide-attempt life.

Accroding to HP blogger Craig Hlavaty, Cobain, who would have turned 45 this year, might have found himself mixing house versions of Nirvana standards along side Skrillex; playing the grizzled, indie(and Pearl Jam)-critical metal warrior (one would assume along side Tad Doyle); hosting a folksy barnyard concert series as a reclusive, enigmatic singer/songwriter; or meeting a pseudo-Axl Rose fate as the lone original member in an increasingly unrecognizable band.

Touché, Houston, touché. Check it out here.

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