Curious What It Sounds Like When Quentin Tarantino Goes To Sleep? Mystery Solved

More times than not, genres are a pretty ambiguous thing. Someone stumbling upon "Fire Fly" by Childish Gambino might mistake the Stone Mountain, Ga. rapper as a West Coast native. And deathcore? You guessed it - not so death-oriented (typically.) However, the wispy, ghost-like dream affair of trippiness known only as Golden Gardens can and should be summarized by two little words: dream pop.

The Covers opens with "The Garden," a slow, slow, slow and mildly creepy/angelic song that basically floats for more than seven minutes. Ambient with a mega-dose of reverb, the tune doesn't really go anywhere ... but that's not really the point. It's soothing and minimalistic, with just the right bit of punch. And that's good, given the records intent. Don't expect to be blown away with technicality, but rather, absorb the layers and melodies and harmonies. It's really quite amazing.

Don't zone out too much, though. "The Loop" kicks things up with a fast snare and an assertive electric guitar that sounds borderline identical to something that would have been featured on the Kill Bill soundtrack. The ambience is still there, but the mood is lifted to a faster, twangier place where Quentin Tarantino thinks up plot lines (and probably sees things only in black and white.)

As a whole, The Covers is an impressive release from a band that summarizes its sound best on its Facebook page: "Dreamscapes and Anthems for Magical Minds."

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